WRCC Certified Instructor List

These people have volunteered to become part of the training and instruction staff. If you would like to be part of this premier group and can demonstrate the patience of Mother Theresa and the enthusiasm of a kid at Christmas, you may qualify.

To send an E-mail to any of the instructors click their address and your E-Mail Program will open allowing you to send a message and coordinate your training.

In addition to those in the list, when at the field and needing assistance, do not hesitate to approach any of the members there. Most all will assist new flyers to become proficient pilots.

Name Field Phone E-Mail
Marty Bonse Chapin, Afton 941-4540 LearnToFly@wichitaradiocontrolclub.org
Scott Bonse Chapin, Afton 941-4540 scottbonse@gmail.com
Bill Roberts Chapin 869-0888 bill@wheatstatehobbies.com